I am frequently asked “why people hack social media accounts? There is nothing there but pictures and posts!?”

The truth is, you can find a lot of information about someone based on their social media accounts.

Useful data to hackers about your account:

Spouse / Partners Name
Kids Names
Parents Names
Pet Names
Street Names
Places of Birth
Current City of Residence
Graduation Dates
Clubs, Memberships or Associations
Sports Teams
Where you work
When you are out of town
Airing Dirty Laundry

This information is used to develop passwords. Your passwords. People typically use the same password for everything ..Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, home WiFi, bank account, work logins, etc.

Criminals can see when you are out of town and can usually guess your 4 digit house alarm code (month and day of your birthday?).

Criminals can crack your social media account, see who your closest friends are and gather information from them or ask them for money to sent (friend-mapping).

Airing dirty laundry is becoming common place on social media and we as a society have become numb to this. Hackers can use this to their advantage and exploit friends and family with incriminating information. (Blackmail & Extortion).

Read and understand privacy settings. Social media does have an obligation to protect your data so use the tools they provide to secure your account. Would you sue a car manufacturer because someone broke into your car and you didn’t bother locking the doors?

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