Businesses today have adopted internal policies to ensure data security, and that the services they provide perform properly. SOC preparation and reporting is becoming the industry-recognized standard of independent review and validation of an organization's operations. This allows the organization's existing and potential customers and easy validation of the service provided. 

Whether you work in technology, finance, healthcare, or other industries, SOC reports have become a universal part of doing business. They've become a check-the-box due diligence item when deciding upon which vendor companies want to use and entrust with the certain essential operations of their business. Therefore, SOC reports are also seen as a great tool to accelerate the sales process by acting as a differentiator in a crowded marketplace. 

Orcannus can provide professional technical and security services to expend reasonable commercial efforts to conduct a Gap Assessment / Analysis in preparation of a SOC 2 report. SOC Preparation will be accomplished in testing, assessing, and analyzing the ten (10) areas, as described below:

• Policy, Standards, and Procedures
• Program Management
• Human Resources and Organization
• Asset Management
• Physical and Environmental Considerations
• Communications and Operations
• Access Control
• Information Systems Management
• Response Plans and Management
• Regulatory Compliance

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