There is a new ransomware threat to businesses and governments that are not using the status quo to gain access to your network (like Phishing). Let me introduce you to Robin Hood. The RobinHood Ransomware uses other means such as finding vulnerabilities on your network and exploiting them to gain access.

Once infected, there are two ransom options with a kicker.

  • The first - 3 Bitcoins (Over $18,000) per infected computer to decrypt
  • The second - 13 Bitcoins (Over $80,000) to decrypt all computers on infected network
  • If no ransom is paid within 72 hours, the cost of the ransom increases $10,000 each day.

Two cities in the news hit by this attack are Baltimore MD (Ransom now estimated over $100,000) and Greenville, NC (Undisclosed).

Are you protected from Ransomware? Does your network have vulnerabilities? Are you and your employees properly trained and up on the latest cyber threats?

Give us a call or email us to setup an appointment to help you get peace of mind that you are not going to lose your business overnight. Orcannus Technologies is your IT Defender!





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