Aging Technology – Update vs Upgrade

That smoking fast laptop you bought in 2012 has most likely turned into a Jurassic Jalopy. Gone are the days where 4GB of RAM was enough for gamers and software developers. In some cases, modern iPads and Android tablets produce more performance that the computers of yesteryear. So the questions remains, do I update the […]

Turkey on the Brains?

As we approach Thanksgiving, don’t let all that turkey get to your head. Cyber Criminals thrive on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and will be giving thanks to your contribution to them if they compromise your computers. Orcannus Technologies created a simple and safe website to see for yourselves how easy it is to trap […]

Mobile Device Turned into Hidden Proxies

The McAfee Mobile Research team recently found an active phishing campaign using text messages (SMS) that tricks users into downloading and installing a fake voice-message app which allows cyber criminals to use infected devices as network proxies without users’ knowledge. If the fake application is installed, a background service starts a Socks proxy that redirects […]

Why do people Hack Social Media Accounts?

I am frequently asked “why people hack social media accounts? There is nothing there but pictures and posts!?” The truth is, you can find a lot of information about someone based on their social media accounts. Useful data to hackers about your account: Birthday Spouse / Partners Name Kids Names Parents Names Pet Names Street […]

Smartphone and Tablet Cyber Threat Protection

Smart phones and tablets are not immune to cyber threats and should be protected just the same as our computers. On the US market you essentially have 2 choices an Android or Apple (Blackberry uses the Android Operation Systems now). How do I know if my device has a virus or some other security breach? […]

Developing Strong Passwords

Developing strong passwords that are easy to remember Today there is a password for everything in our daily lives; Facebook, bank account, grocery membership cards and even unlocking your cell phone. Hacking methods and tools are becoming more sophisticated and easier to use. For example, at a popular cybersecurity event (DEFCON), an 11 year old […]

Avoid Getting Phished

If you receive an email requesting account information from what appears to be a legitimate company (i.e. Netflix, Apple, Wells Fargo, etc.) then proceed with caution. Are you aware 93% of phishing emails involve ransomware and 90% of all phishing breaches are from human error*, meaning, someone opened, downloaded or clicked on a link embedded […]

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