COVID-19 Email Phishing Against US Healthcare Providers

Network perimeter cyber security tools associated with US-based medical providers identified email phishing attempts from domestic and international IP addresses. The emails contained subjects related to the COVID-19 pandemic and included malicious files as attachments. These attachments were in the form of Microsoft Word Document files, 7-zip compressed files, Microsoft Visual Basic Script, Java, and […]

How to securely use ZOOM Meetings

Since the advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Zoom has been one of the top Go-To’s for online meetings with multiple people. Cyber Criminals have found several ways to exploit this service. As nothing is 100% bullet proof, these are 7 easy steps you can take to securely use Zoom Meetings.  Keep the Zoom interface up-to-date […]

Cybersecurity Actions for your Workforce and Consumers

Malicious cyber actors could take advantage of public concern surrounding COVID-19 by conducting phishing attacks and disinformation campaigns. Phishing attacks often use a combination of email and bogus websites to trick victims into revealing sensitive information. Disinformation campaigns can spread discord, manipulate the public conversation, influence policy development, or disrupt markets. CISA encourages individuals to guard against COVID-19-related […]

Cybersecurity for Organizations during the COVID -19 Pandemic

As organizations explore various alternate workplace options in response to COVID-19, CISA recommends examining the security of information technology systems by taking the following steps: Secure systems that enable remote access. Ensure Virtual Private Network and other remote access systems are fully patched. Enhance system monitoring to receive early detection and alerts on abnormal activity. Implement multi-factor authentication Ensure […]

COVID-19 and Data Breaches

People may not have businesses to come back to post COVID-19 if cybersecurity is ignored. With the news media being saturated with the COVID-19 Pandemic, people are missing other world wide events. Cyber crime is the highest it has ever been. Don’t lose sight of the security of your company. We can help! Massive Data […]

RobinHood Ransomware

     There is a new ransomware threat to businesses and governments that are not using the status quo to gain access to your network (like Phishing). Let me introduce you to Robin Hood. The RobinHood Ransomware uses other means such as finding vulnerabilities on your network and exploiting them to gain access. Once infected, […]

OceanLotus: macOS malware

Mac users are NOT safe   The OceanLotus group keeps improving and updating its toolset, and once again, it has improved its tools for targeting Mac users. The code has not changed that much, but because many Mac users don’t run security software on their machines, the need to evade detection is of less importance. […]

iPhone Users Update to iOS 12.2 ASAP!

iOS Security Patches With the iOS 12.2 update, comes over 50 security patches. There were major vulnerability found in FaceTime, Mail and Messages just to know a few. It is highly recommended that you update your device ASAP to avoid becoming a victim of these vulnerabilities.   Apple used to be untouchable for viruses and […]

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