Orcannus Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Services

Operational Readiness and Cybersecurity Assessment

The ORCA (Operational Readiness and Cybersecurity Assessment) is a comprehensive examination of your business’s technical profile. This proprietary test is conducted and scored in six major areas:

  • Vulnerability
  • Anti-Virus
  • Internet / WiFi
  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Plan
  • Operation Systems

Each subsection is scored and weighted to help remediate and bring awareness to any problems areas that need to be addressed.

Why is Operational Readiness important? 

If left unchecked, an organization’s technical profile could be left vulnerable to the constantly changing online threats that can wreak havoc on its infrastructure. 

It’s imperative to keep all systems up to date as far as vulnerabilities, virus protection, network, backups, and operation systems. 

During the operational readiness process, we’re able to augment, access, and analyze your system’s current capabilities. With this valuable information, we can further plan to accommodate future goals for IT development. 

Testing starting at $599