Pen Testing

     The principle objective of a penetration test is to analyze an organization's vulnerabilities and security fail points. What does this mean? Orcannus Technologies, Inc meets with your executive and IT team and goes over the ORCA (Operational Readiness and Cyber Assessment) Pen test. This Pen test covers 6 major areas:
- Vulnerability test (Internal/External/Physical)
- Anti-Virus test
- Internet / WiFi test
- Data Backup test
- Disaster Plan review
- Operating System test
Upon completion of testing, Orcannus Technologies, Inc reports the findings and next steps for corrective actions.

Red Team Services


     A Red Team is a group of cyber crime specialist that challenges an organization to improve its IT security effectiveness. This is done by taking on a cyber criminal role in a controlled environment at an undisclosed time and date. This is done in a ninja like way promote the element of surprise to catch your IT off guard.

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