People may not have businesses to come back to post COVID-19 if cybersecurity is ignored.

With the news media being saturated with the COVID-19 Pandemic, people are missing other world wide events. Cyber crime is the highest it has ever been. Don't lose sight of the security of your company. We can help!

Massive Data Breaches of 2020 ... so far. Chances are your personal data has been compromised. 

 Hundreds of millions of personal data exposed


  • Landry’s -Jan 2
  • Peekaboo Moments - Jan 14
  • Hanna Andersson - Jan 20
  • Microsoft - Jan 22
  • Marijuana Dispensaries - Jan 23


  • Estee Lauder - Feb 11
  • Fifth Third Bank - Feb 11
  • Health Share of Oregon - Feb 13
  • MGM Resorts - Feb 20
  • PhotoSquared - Feb 20
  • Slickwraps - Feb 24


  • Walgreens - Mar 2
  • Carnival Cruise Lines - Mar 4
  • J-Crew - Mar 4
  • T-Mobile - Mar 5
  • Whisper - Mar 11
  • TrueFire - Mar 18
  • General Electric - Mar 24
  • Marriott International - Mar 31


During these times of uncertainty, Orcannus Technologies is offering a courtesy Cybersecurity Assessment to our local businesses. All of the top Cybersecurity Threat Maps show an increase in cyber criminal activity geared towards the United States. These threats include phishing attacks, ransomware and improperly and/or unsecure remote working sessions that are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

     At no cost to you, our Cybersecurity Assessment takes 2 to 4 hours and usually can be done entirely remote. We will be assessing how protected you are from the outside as well as from the inside of your business. We will report the findings to you and discuss any remediation that should be done. 

Call, text or email Orcannus Technologies today to set up an appointment. We are more than happy to perform these services to our community. 

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