Technology Advisor

Do you dread talking with your technology vendors? Do they use technical jargon that leaves your head spinning? Let us be your Trusted Technical Adviser. We will represent you and your best interests while bridging the gap as your liaison. Orcannus Technologies is brand neutral, meaning we are not loyal to any one brand.

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Technology Aquisitions

Do you spin the wheel and pic the cheapest technology that you can find only to have it fail? Let us help guide you in the purchasing of your technology assets. We will go over the intended purposes and use our resources to get the best price. We will also ensure that they are products that last.

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Training & Development

Did someone open a friendly looking email that had a virus, malware or ransomware attached? Is your password on a sticky note on the side of your computer monitor? Let us train you and your staff with best practices and procedures. We offer Training and Development in a broad array of technology. Contact us today with your training questions.

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