RobinHood Ransomware

     There is a new ransomware threat to businesses and governments that are not using the status quo to gain access to your network (like Phishing). Let me introduce you to Robin Hood. The RobinHood Ransomware uses other means such as finding vulnerabilities on your network and exploiting them to gain access. Once infected, […]

OceanLotus: macOS malware

Mac users are NOT safe   The OceanLotus group keeps improving and updating its toolset, and once again, it has improved its tools for targeting Mac users. The code has not changed that much, but because many Mac users don’t run security software on their machines, the need to evade detection is of less importance. […]

iPhone Users Update to iOS 12.2 ASAP!

iOS Security Patches With the iOS 12.2 update, comes over 50 security patches. There were major vulnerability found in FaceTime, Mail and Messages just to know a few. It is highly recommended that you update your device ASAP to avoid becoming a victim of these vulnerabilities.   Apple used to be untouchable for viruses and […]

Do you have a newer HP laptop?

HP Notebook Computer and Mobile Workstation Battery Safety Recall and Replacement Program Program expanded in January 2019. It is essential to recheck your battery, even if you did so previously and were informed that it was not affected. If you have already received a replacement battery, you are not affected by this expansion. In January 2019, in […]

Do I have adequate anti-virus software?

I am often asked, “what is the best anti-virus software?” My answer is usually any reputable company that provides full service anti-virus should be fine. Things to look for; Does it – Provide real-time protection? Provide all-inclusive protection? (viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, rootkits, ransomware, network attacks, adware and web threats) Provide automated non-intrusive scans? (scheduled, […]

Zero-day attacks found in Google Chrome

Chrome zero-day you need to know about Google revealed on Wednesday that a previously unknown security flaw in its Chrome browser was under attack last week. The security bug (CVE-2019-5786) was a “use-after-free” flaw in Chrome’s FileReader, an interface that all major web browsers use to allow web apps to read the contents of files stored […]

Threat Actor Using Fake LinkedIn Job Offers to Deliver More_eggs Backdoor

Security researchers discovered that a threat actor is targeting LinkedIn users with fake job offers to deliver the More_eggs backdoor. Since mid-2018, Proofpoint has observed various campaigns distributing More_eggs, each of which began with a threat actor creating a fraudulent LinkedIn profile. The attacker used these accounts to contact targeted employees at U.S. companies — primarily in […]

FIN6 Cybercrime Group Expands Threat to eCommerce Merchants

FIN6 is a financially motivated threat actor group in operation since at least 2015. The group has compromised multiple point-of-sale (POS) environments using the TRINITY POS (aka FrameworkPOS) malware. In September 2017, forensic investigations of several undisclosed entities revealed evidence that FIN6 actors changed to target card-not-present (CNP) data when they could not deploy their […]