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If you're not sure, we'll make sure IT is secure

There’s nothing more valuable than an organization’s data. After all, present and future business decisions are made based on certain data analytics.

Operational Readiness

The ORCA (Operational Readiness and Cyber Security Assessment) is a comprehensive examination of your business’s technical profile.

ORCA Red Team 6

Our Orca Red Team 6 operations are clandestine in nature and usually called upon by C-Level Executives to activate our services.

Penetration Testing

The principal objective of penetration testing is to analyze an organization’s vulnerabilities and security fail points.

Phishing Simulations

Orcannus Cyber Security provides Phishing Simulation Services to test the awareness and readiness of your employees by sending various realistic email attacks.

Website Security Testing

Your website can reveal an awful lot about your company. If your site is not protected and lacking updates and maintenance, chances are your internal infrastructure is in the same condition. 

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